Vicente E. R. Marçal

R. Maestro Paschoal Humberto Garófalo, 130 - São Manuel-SP 18650-000 Brazil +55 (69) 98114-6191· [email protected]

Passionate and creative Software Engineer and Open Source contributor. I am a tireless worker and quick learner obsessed with delivering value through good quality software. I seek a position in TI.



Worked on a web application using Python/Django. The website is used for teaching Python online, founded by professors Renzo Nuccitelli and Luciano Ramalho.


Developed a REST application which exposes an API regarding Phone Call Bills.


Application that I created to implement a way to read a big CSV file and saves data into a PostgreSQL Data Base.

Research PHD Tesis

A Personal Web Scrap Project that I created to automation of researches into Data Base of CAPES PhD Tesis .

VM Eventex

A Web Application that I created in Python and Django for the course Welcome to the Django.

VM Cotações

A Personal Project that I created a web application in Python and Flask that consume an API and presents the currencies quote in BRL of USD, EUR, GBP and Biticoin.

VM CPF Validator

A Personal Project that I created a library with methods to validate a Brazilian CPF.


Personal Project that I created a library with some methods to use Google Maps Distance Matrix API.

Python Birds

A study project that I implement a very simple clone of Angribirds game to study basic principles of Python and Object Orientation. This project was created in the first module of Python Pro Cours of professors Renzo Nuccitelli and Luciano Ramalho.

Drones API

With this app, I studied about Django Rest Framework using the book "Django RESTful Web Services: The easiest way to build Python RESTful APIs and web services with Django". I changed the code to Django 2.0.


Developer in Open Source Projects

Studies Projects and Open Source Projects

Since 2017, simultaneously of the development of my doctoral research, I returned to my studies in the area of development, specifically with Python. Since then, I'm able to develop applications, some it I put here, in the Project section above, to demonstrate my skills to work on Open Source projects and my evolution at the studies.

January 2017 - Present

Adjunct Professor

Federal University of Rondônia - Brazil

Professor and research in Pilosophy at Federal Universit of Rondönia, since 2009. I teach Logic and Teory of Knowledge classes. That is interesting, because has a relation with development that is a Mathematical Logic application.

July 2009 - Present

WEB Developer

Illume Desgin

Between 2001 and 2007 I was the owner of Illume Design, at Londrina-PR. I worked as web developer with ColdFusion in the backend and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the frontend.

January 2001 - December 2007


Psychology Institute of University of São Paulo

PhD in Social Psychology
March 2015 - Present

State University of São Paulo - UNESP

Master in Philosophy

Philosopy of Mind, Epistemology and Logic

August 2005 - February 2009

State University of Londrina

Bachelor in Philosophy
January 2001 - March 2004


Programming Languages & Tools
  • - HTML5
  • - CSS3
  • - Python 3
  • - Django
  • - Docker
  • - Git
  • - Bootstrap
  • - Github
  • - Heroku
  • - Linux
  • - Open Source
  • - PostgreSQL
  • - Travis
  • Pytest Framework
  • TDD - Test Driven Development
  • Continuos Deployment
  • Continuos Integration
  • Feature Branch on Git
  • Agile Development & Scrum